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First Aid Kit (Medium, 10-49 people)

Description: * 28(h)X23(w)X9(d)cm white metal box
* portable / wall-mounted
* items including
sterile gauze 5*5cm 6pc/7.5*7.5cm 3pc
wound dressing 12pc
triangular bandages 2pc
zinc oxide plaster 1 roll
cotton wool 30g*3pk
elastic bandage roll 1pc
CPR & First aid phamplet 1 set
safety pins 1 dozen
scissors 1 pair
adhesive plastic strips 100pc
forceps 1 pair
plastic bags 2pcs
Price: HKD 290.00
Product codeDescriptionUnitPrice
FAKCLACBox and contentsboxHKD 290.00
FAKCLACRefill (without box)HKD 290.00
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Christmas cosplay and snack
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